Monday, April 4, 2011

Some fun, some self-loathing

4-4-11 weekend brain
This was to be a KC weekend, since I was down there working last week, but Greg thought we should come back to Des Moines to support the first event of the season for the Mini Cooper Club of Central Iowa. All I cared about was finding some sunshine, since the last 8 days in KC were cloudy.

Saturday was sunny and most of day we hung out with our Mini friends from Iowa, although I did spend 1 hour in the morning raking the leaves out of the front garden. I filled 4 lawn bags and an 1 hour was about all the energy I had for that.

Greg did some honey-do list chores in the basement for me. He connected up a new dryer vent, and washer water lines. I got ambitious and decided to clean out the refrigerator….. This lead to moments of self loathing. I don’t know how I let my frig get to such a disgraceful state. There wasn’t that much wasted food, expect some yogurt with fascinating mold, and there was also drill relish and dressing which expired in 2008, but what made me mad was the vitamins which were expired… I really wasted some money here. Due to the dates on things, I’d say I hadn’t cleaned the frig in about 4 years.

I did end up forgiving myself when I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could fit into 5 year old capri pants. I had to find something cooler to wear than jeans, since Sunday, it hit 80 degrees and I spent a little more time out in the yard. I continued my raking and filled two more lawn bags. In-between all these events I was keeping an eye on the Decorah eagle’s web cam. The first hatch was on Saturday, and the second on Sunday. I was fascinated at the rabbit, black bird and fish that were brought to the nest to feed the eagle family.

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