Tuesday, February 22, 2011


2-22-11 dizzy brain

This week my head is spinning from the feeling like I am juggling, and I am afraid I’ll forget to do something and a ball or balls will be dropped.

Several projects at work are pulling me in different directions this week, and a list of personal projects… from art, to preparing the basement for that sump pump in March, to sending out a birthday card…. Just to name a few…. Oh yea and blogging.

Sunday, I worked on finishing up a painting I had started a year ago. It was to be for Greg’s 45th birthday to hang in the KC bedroom…. Now it’s done and framed in time as possible entry into the Des Moines Women’s Day Art Show which is due this Thursday.

This picture is hard to photograph with light reflections.... is countryside landscape with sky.

I also worked on taxes on Sunday, rather than take a nap, which I guess explained my dull brain on Monday. I was up early for church on Sunday and really should have listened to my body and napped that afternoon.

Other issues weighing on my mind this week….. I found out Sunday at church that a friend had collapsed at the Chicago airport, coming back from a cruise vacation Saturday night, and died. She was only in her early 60’s. I was comforted that I had seen her a month ago at church and I had greeter her with a hug. Another mutual friend of ours was not so fortunate and now she is beating herself up. She had not spoken to this friend in a year (they had a small spat)…. And they kept playing phone tag and never connected in person to resolve their feelings.

This life’s lesson is about how fast change can enter, effecting things in unexpected ways…. Appreciate today, and don’t leave relationships unfinished. Make that call today!

PS: Winter has returned to Iowa this week. Temps only in 20’s and 30’s. There is flooding in some areas of Iowa due to ice jams as the rivers had begun to melt last week.

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