Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wear RED today!

2-3-11 happy new year brain
Finally the start of the Chinese New Year. I was excited when I reported earlier this year in my blog that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.... well that is until I found out this is a "metal" year Rabbit. Things this year might not be as "kind" as I thought it would be, BUT still hopeful things to work towards.
Below information was posted my my acupuncturists Facebook wall:  (Thanks to the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic).... my life line since 1997!

Year of the Metal Rabbit!

The tiger year has been a particular and prosperous year full of drama and adventure, the Rabbit will continue this tread, with creativity replacing passion! Fear replacing fortitude! “Bling” accentuating a well manicured coat! Imagine a cat with a brand-new rabbit fur coat, top-hat & cane! Maybe a tad too cocky, but likely to have more money in the bank than you need!

The metal element is the element of money, laws and precision!

Most of us have seen our economy slowly recover like a cat waking from a long nap! Tidy up your finances today, and prepare for another metal year! The rabbit will bring out the “bling” in our lives, but be cautious of too much indulgences! Metal years are excellent for saving and investing. Check the details of your investments and lock in great rates! Watch out for the legal loop-holes and fine-print on documents!

If you have been struggling this last year, re-evaluate your assets and liabilities. Seek out structured advice on your finances, resume, education and career & retirement goals. Metal is an excellent year to pursue higher education!

Our clinic has seen many people who started reorganizing their health and lives in the year of the metal tiger. This will continue in the metal rabbit year! Take an inventory of your health and life! You will want to continue the positive changes in the next year! Structured diets and exercise routines will produce measurable results!

However, be wary of too much order constraining your creativity and spontaneity! Metal can over control your freedom, restrict your movement and lead to possessiveness! Use humor and creativity to mold your routine into a functional part of your life!

Let us hope the democratic movements in the world (Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, etc...) continue! Let us all focus on softening the hard edged criticism and conflict of this last year! Our common American experience has always overcome the sharp divides of politics and principles. Peace!

The weather and agriculture should continue the dramatic nature of the last year: prosperity and abundance for most, dramatic weather and strong sharp natural disasters. Hold on to your center and build a solid foundation!

In order to maintain your integrity and prosperity, do not throw anything away on the last day of the year! Remember to focus your mind and heart on a healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year!

Wear Red on the first day of the Metal Rabbit Year, February 3, 2011!

The staff of iowa acupuncture clinic wishes all of you a prosperous and peaceful New Year!

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