Friday, February 25, 2011

Spreading Peace

2-25-11 focusing on peace brain
Speaking of "peace brain" on Wednesday.... have you all noticed my new 2nd blog I started this year?
I have it over on my right hand side's called:

One small daily "Peace" of art

I know I'm crazy trying to keep up another blog, but this year I wanted to focus not only on my daily faith/prayers/spiritual side but also get back into practicing and focusing on art/creativity.

This Peace Art isn't about creating grand, beautiful art, but about fostering creativity and viewing the world through peaceful eyes. It reminds me of advice I read years ago in the book "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron. 

I paraphrase here: Create daily, without judgement.... and the creative spirit will visit and become a habit...

I don't always post daily on my Peace Blog, but I do a summary of the week, usually posting on Saturdays.

Here are some my weekly summaries since January 1st
I'm also noting that it's been two months since Christmas... I can't believe that!

PS: A few friends were engaging me in email and Facebook conversations last night after my blog on Thursday... So I guess I'd better just stick to what I know best.... ART and PEACE!

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