Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing before bed

2-12-11 peace brain
Over the last week, I've started to do a little clothes shopping, after all this is a good time for sales. I've been looking for a few new pieces to go with some of the pants I already own. I found this cute jacket in Iowa City last week. I decided I wasn't totally loving the larger buttons which were maybe too much of a military look for me. (It's probably in style this season?)

Anyway, for awhile I have had some "peace buttons" given to me by Carolyn and wanted to use them in some way. These buttons were from way back.... still in original wrapper, with cost at 33 cents. Probably from the 1960's... and made of metal not plastic.

I decided to do a button exchange sewing project last night before bedtime. It was relaxing to have a needle and thread in my hands again..... but I struggled getting that dang needle threaded- just like I use to see my Mom struggle in middle age.

I wonder what the original desiger of the jacket would think of me changing the look. Would it be like someone buying one of my paintings and then adding something to it? The artists "vision" would be lost?


  1. Cute Jacket - Incorrect blog, the buttons were from me! I may not be a peace sister, but I do have some peace in me.

  2. Gee Molly, I totally didn't remember that until you said something! I can't remember where you got the buttons.... Thank you! PS: You ARE a KC Peace Sister!