Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Egypt, to Wisconsin, to Iowa

2-24-11 freedom brain
I don’t really want to write about this topic, but it’s darn interesting! … it is so wonderful that people are empowered to gather together and let their voices be heard!

There were rallies at the Iowa Capital on Wednesday. Pro Labor on one side and Pro non-labor? (I don’t know what to call them…. I don’t think Anti-labor is correct)… I guess they are Pro Business, Pro low over head... Pro Profits?

What group do you identify with?
Do you feel under attack?
Are the prices of food, gas, and education rising while your family income stagnates?
Does it take two incomes now to support your family?

If you answer YES, then you are part of the middle class who are under attack….

It seems the Republicans in office and Tea Party supporters are trying to brain wash us into thinking the US deficit is all because of big government, too many government workers and too much entitlement programs…. But can I remind you, back not so long ago in the 90’s we had all of the above and we also had a surplus, not a deficit.

Now what changed all that? The 2000’s came and went which brought along a large tax cut for the wealthiest, and two wars which were not paid for, but instead this all was put on the US credit card….. i.e. the deficit was created.

Why aren’t we looking to change those things which got us into debt, rather than taking more and more away from the poor and middle class- hard working people like you and me?

Thanks to the gamblers on Wall Street, our houses and our retirements are worth less, not more….and the stability of the whole system is in question. Now is not the time to lay off more workers and make big cuts…. We need to get things growing first, like in spring planting season…. First you plant and grow, then you weed things out, once everything is growing and you can see clearly what needs to be pulled.

Here is my first daffidils appearing this year in February.

Don’t just dump a bunch of Round-up on the ground…. This will kill everything, BUT the wealthiest 5%.

It is sad that many people pit worker against worker, (public and private) and use comparisons falsely. Due to lower wage jobs now being contracted out by the government to the public sector, only the higher paying jobs in the government are left, and falsely compared to all workers in general. This is comparing apples to oranges…. It is not fair to compare fast-food workers and retail employees with university professors and managers in government offices.

A new study released Tuesday by Iowa Policy Project  (as reported in in the DM Register Newspaper) shows even if benefits packages are accounted for, Iowa’s public workers are still compensated LESS than private sector counterparts.

Unions have helped create the middle class, and without them your children will have less and less voice against Business, who only think about short-term profits and don’t seem to care about their affects on families and their ability to buy products Business’s produce and sell.

This is a crazy world we live in…. and I suppose it always has been for much of US history. AND I’ve been reading some interesting history books about life in late 1800’s and early 1900’s…. These have shown me how really blessed I was to grow up in the good-old days of a strong middle class. (This period in history has been unique) Your kids and grandkids won’t be as fortunate as we were, if things continue the way they are heading.

HERE is an interesting article about Wisconsin

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