Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slow progress

2-16-11 organizing brain

Monday night I spent one hour in my guest room and art room..... not really cleaning, but rather organizing and rearranging, in order for me to continue my art room cleaning project.

I took the advice of Ann, and moved the exercise bike out of the art room into the guest room. AND I took the advice of Molly who said I needed to get a long table for the art room in order to have a lot of flat surface area to work on my art.

For now the table will help create a space I can use as I clean out the art closet. So for now, the guest room is looking pretty good, and can accommodate an over night visitor.... but currently the art room is a total disaster!

Greg and I bit the bullet and decided to schedule the sump pump work in the basement. I had an estimate last summer for the work, but we just didn't have the money to spend on that last year. March 16th, pending a snow storm, the two day project will happen in the basement, causing more chaos down there. But once that is done.... then back to really getting the basement cleaning project back to full speed this summer.

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  1. To keep the guest room near spottless, I'll sleep on the futon :) The bike, yes in the guest room unless you are going to pain while you bike...mmmmm..... I bet you can do that too.