Friday, February 11, 2011


2-11-11 tardy brain
FIRST of all:  WAY TO GO People of EGYPT!

Today I am tiring of my winter wardrobe. But let’s face it, my wardrobe is redundant. Since I work at home, mostly I’m layered up in some type of sweats and hoodie. I put jeans on if it is going to be a special day :)
Yesterday, I actually had a hat and scarf on all day, just to stay warm in the drafty KC house. But then KC is suppose to have highs in the 40’s this time of year, not wind chill of minus 0.

I’ve learn that this spring that I will be attending a National Conference in Florida in May. My biggest concern is what am I going to wear!? I do have a few more choices in my closet for warmer weather, but still feel so unprepared to “look professional” these days.

I was out shopping last weekend, but still find myself drawn to athletic wear. I’m finding it hard to know how to dress and not look like I’m trying to look too young for my age. Either I find dresses that are to sexy/causal, or to formal/prom looking. Where is the in between stuff?

I’ve been thinking about sewing, and recently found some sewing blogs which have inspired me to try again… just keep it basic with a simple dress or two, or a skirt. I think I’ll plan a trip to the fabric store this weekend and see what types of material are out there. Maybe I can get inspired.

Check this blog out: (Built by Wendy)
HERE is a pattern I like, but I think this material maybe too young for me.


  1. I am watching Sewing with Nancy and feeling inspired also!

  2. in between stuff does seem hard to find. i often opt for sweats too, but feel so much better when i chose otherwise. but i almost have to have an appointment or something to force me into it!