Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cool Cats

No it's not Tony the Tiger, this is my soon to be 5 year old nephew Brenan. I only get to see him once a year, so pictures of him are special.

My other cat, Clover, is my office mate when I'm in KC working. I'm lucky when she is sleeping on the day bed in my office room.

Other times she  hovers over me. Sometimes it is difficult to work. She likes looking at TV and videos. Here she has taken over the computer and watching a tiger on YouTube. Yesterday I turned on the TV in the living room to distract her- she was watching Sesame Street for quite some time.


  1. So cute - Teddy lays on the laptop and messes with the keys! He also throws himself at the door when he wants in! Kelley

  2. They are both so cute. Mango is all over me lately, she has a terrible case on cabin fever, she is used to going outside every day and catching things. She crawls all over my hands when I try to type.