Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend report

2-21-11 summarizing brain Saturday, Greg jumped the train in KC and rode to Chicago…. His weekend plans were to meet up with his high school BFF- Tom at the Chicago Car Show. This allowed me to have a weekend to plan all on my own and I decided if weather permitting I would go visit my folks up in northern Iowa.

My friend Ann, jumped at the chance to join me in my trip….. and she posted on Facebook that she was off on a trip of “mayhem & mystery".... I had to scratch my head on that one, but after it was all said and done, Ann believes she found what she was looking for.

Our safe arrival on Friday evening seemed routine to me, but after a good visit with my Mom and Dad, we had a real “hoot” playing with the cat (well, I did- and Ann watched)…. I had the cat jumping and he was on his usual rampage and mayhem with his evening running through the house. I thought maybe I had given him too much catnip. Then the cat started playing/attacking, his stuffed cat toy…. In a rather aggressive way I had not seen before. I Googled “cat mating” and read a description to Ann, (which solved a mystery for her)…. And had her LOLand ROTF….maybe even peeing her pants? ....and we agreed this cat was attempting to mate…. I guess spring is in the air.

Saturday morning Mom, Dad and I called an old friend and sung Happy Birthday to Alice! It was fun talking to her and hearing her voice! Alice said she didn't feel 80, and that is nice to know, since when I think of her, I still see her at age 35 to 40 in my mind. (Hi Alice!)   :)

After that Mom, Ann and I we did some shopping around Charles City…. Mom was showing us the work being done down town as they create a kayak run down the river. This looks interesting and I believe I will be learning to kayak this summer when I visit over the 4th of July. Here the old Beauty Dam has been removed.

Since northern Iowa was expecting to get freezing rain and snow on Sunday, we left for Des Moines Saturday afternoon and arrived in time to utilize free tickets Ann had for the Des Moines ballet performance of Alice in Wonderland. We picked up friend Sue along the way. It turned out to be a great performance, and afterwards we headed over to the East Village and Sue recommended we eat at the new Lebanese restaurant called “Open Sesime” …. Basically Middle Eastern food, and I LOVED the hummus and pita!


  1. Indeed it was a fun weekend. Judy sloved another mystery ... who eats at Arbys ... she does and I may just be a convert for Lent .. the fish sammie was de-lish.

    Re: the cat ... it was quite funny and you really had to be there. Judy fogot to mention she dropped some cash as the local clothing store, and we checked out 3 thrift stores. And we did a lot in 30 hours. Thanks Judy for letting me tag along and your parents are AWESOME!

  2. Thanks for adding that Ann, I have selective memory.... or poor memory, or just to lazy to write every detail. Glad you had fun.

  3. And may ask who got this wonderful weekend jumpstarted - mmmmmm? Lol
    Thanks for lunch Judy - it got my weekend jumpstarted! Kelley

  4. Yes, Kelley... lunch with you was quite a treat. Glad a made time to see you!