Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming a NEW year

12-31-10 recuperating brain

Greg read an article in the paper to me this week which said that 2010 was "the year of the tiger". This is reference to the Chinese Calendar. This article explained that "the tiger" is not kind to humans. Maybe this could explain some of the weird events in 2010? I'm wondering if I can blame "the tiger" for me being sick most of this week? Either that, or the germs I picked up spending time with the family... several who were coughing the sneezing.

Today, I'm feeling a bit better, but still not full speed.
The good news for today is that 2011 is "the year of the rabbit".... and the rabbit is always kind to humans!!

I'll close this year with a new more pictures from Christmas vacation... as I gladly welcome in the rabbit!

Christopher, Sarah, and I worked on "ginger bread houses" one afternoon.

We went sledding. I went down twice before I remembered that I'm not suppose to engage in activities which might cause my retina to detach. Thank goodness I didn't receive any blows to my head this year.


  1. Link to the article mentioned:

  2. Thank you Greg. Aren't you impressed that I could get my legs folded on the sled with CJ?

  3. Following up on your comment above, I'm always impressed with you Judy. How you manage to work, have a family life, blog and stay sane is impressive! Wish I could stop by more often. 2010 was crazy!

    Hugs from Chicago :)

  4. OH, Genevieve! If you only saw the whole of my life and not this little snap-shot. Often I am barely holding it all together! I've learned to let go of perfection... which helps.