Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Iowa Christmas

12-28-10 amazed brain
I took a million pictures of the frost.... I just couldn't put the camera down, even though most of these pictures were taken from the car window. I was in such awe of the beauty of nature. This made me appreciate winter in a whole new way. That's easy for me to say THIS year. Des Moines has only received a fraction of the snow we had last year, AND in KC this week, there is no snow and temperatures will be in the 40's, 50's and reaching 60 by late week. Finally an early January thaw we never had last year. This picture as we left my parent's house yesterday.

Above, Dad's Marine flag surrounded by white background. Below the new Charles City Suspension Bridge.

Pictures from our family Christmas will follow all this week.


  1. There is a beauty to an ice storm and snow storm. We had a major ice storm in New England in 1998 and the trees looked as though they were made of diamonds. It was magnificent.

  2. Beautiful pictures of the hoarfrost, Judy! It's the only thing that makes winter worthwhile for me. I got some really nice ones last year. We've already had a rough winter and it's barely begun. UGH!