Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last weekend update

12-8-10 fun brain

Last weekend, Greg and I had big plans, big FUN plans: the annual luminary walk at the KC Arboretum on Friday night- we had a double date lined up with Molly and Jeff; and on Saturday night was the Miata Club holiday dinner and top-down drive on the KC Plaza to view the lights.

Unfortunately, Greg has been sick. He came home early Wednesday afternoon and was sick in bed Thursday and Friday. He still was feeling bad Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.... I guess it’s the respiratory type flu or a sinus head cold. This has me concern, since Greg is rarely sick, and this has been the 2nd time this autumn he has had this type of illness. This time, so far I’ve stayed well… I’ve only been around him part of this time.

So to rescue my weekend, Molly and I went out to the Arboretum without the guys and we also did a bit of shopping. We didn't get any good pictures at the Arboretum.

On Saturday, I went to lunch with my old college friend Teresa and her daughter Chelsea, my God-daughter. They both looked so cute in their white jackets, I insisted on a picture. It was a cold day in KC... but no snow, so I won't complain.

Teresa and Chelsea had been baking cupcakes and brought several to me. My favorite were the Eggnog cupcakes! SO GOOD! Teresa’s favorite website is “Annie’s Eats” were she found the recipe for this.


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  1. I hope Greg didn't have version I & II of the FLU with round III yet to come!