Friday, December 3, 2010

Face full of sand

12-3-10 worn-out brain
My brain is tired this week from work and study on learning the new rules which cover Lymphoma and Hematopoiectic cancer data collection. So I will refer you to an interesting article.

Sure this will be too long for most of you to read.... Sure it is easier just putting your head in the sand... But at least I'm giving you the weekend to "scan" this article by Andy Kroll. HERE

QUOTE:Andy Kroll
"It used to be that citizens in large numbers, mobilized by labor unions or political parties or a single uniting cause, determined the course of American politics. After World War II, a swelling middle class was the most powerful voting bloc, while, in those same decades, the working and middle classes enjoyed comparatively greater economic prosperity than their wealthy counterparts. Kiss all that goodbye. We're now a country run by rich people".

Well.... don't feel sorry for me or for yourself... feel sorry for your kids and your Grand-kids.

PS: No politics next week, I promise.
PS: Cute kid picture came from this blog

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