Friday, December 17, 2010

The rewards of cleaning closets

12-17-10 happy brain

Other "treasures" I found during my closet cleaning project... was in a box in the hall closet. It contained stuff which came from a drawer in my apartment. It appears this drawer was emptied into this box when I moved into this house in 1993, and I haven't opened it since.

Now my friend Jean Ann (cleaning extraordinaire) would say, if I haven't used anything in that time... I don't really need this box.... BUT I was missing things which I found in this box... and never knew what happened to them, until now.

Like, my Marine Band Harmonica made by Hohner from Germany. I bought this in college, and I didn't learn to play it well, but here in my new chance... all the hours I drive in the car between KC and DM... I now can play to my hearts content!

I also found old pictures which had not been put into a photo album. Here are a few:

These two from the early 80's when I was working on my Rat Research on Fructose and me typing my Thesis.

My sister and brother in law at Christmas 1979 when they got engaged.

My high school friend Robin's 1974 graduation picture... we always teased her about her "floppy hat"... I'm so glad I found this picture... I'm posting it on Facebook AND will TAG her! heee heee hee.

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  1. Treasures indeed. I'm a thrower, if I don't use it in a year, it is gone. But keepsakes I've held on to.