Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

12-29-10 family brain
We attended Christmas Eve service in spite of the new 10 inches of snow on Friday. Then Saturday, Christmas Day, we started the morning off with our usual breakfast... Greg cooked scrambled eggs and we had really good sweet rolls made by a neighbor friend.

Then the "ELFs" showed up to distribute the gifts from under the tree, and we all took our positions. We open up gifts one by one... and really take our time.

Somehow the cat always ends up in the middle of the room playing with the discarded pieces of string. Over the years, we have tried hard to move away from wrapping paper and now use recycled wrappings, especially cloth bags.

One of my favorite gifts... the box set of Bruce Springsteen's "The Promise Land" which comes with CDs and DVD. Since no one showers prior to opening our gifts, the Santa hat comes in handy to cover my messy bed-head.

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  1. A belated Merry Christmas to you, Judy! Now it's almost time for New Year wishes. Your Christmas gift opening looks a whole lot more civilized than the free-for-all that occurred here. The grandkids tore through theirs so fast, it was like a blur. I barely managed to record any of it on camera!

    I had planned to make them all a flannel pillowcase and new fleece blankets in which to wrap some of their gifts, but I ran out of time. Oh well, it will be a good project for the slow days of January. And they will appreciate them more since they won't have to compete with the other gifts.