Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend update

12-14-10 Holiday brain

My office chair never looked so good Monday morning….. I was really looking forward to sitting after my busy and physically demanding weekend.

Friday was warm in Des Moines, 50 degrees, so my neighbor Sue talked me into going for a walk around the neighborhood, to look at the Christmas lights. We walked for about an hour!

Greg ended up not driving to Des Moines this weekend, due to the forecast of bad weather, and he is still trying to get his strength back after being sick.

Saturday I woke to rain, but it soon turned to snow. There was a break in the snow during the afternoon, but by 5:00PM the Blizzard hit and the wind was roaring! Sadly, I was not able to attend Ann's "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party".

So my Saturday was spent on moving all the furniture back into the guest room, after the hardwood floors were finally finished last week. They do look beautiful, but the varnish smell and a light coating of dust everywhere, did not make for a pleasant three days last week. I was forced to clean out three closets as part of this hardwood floor project, since they also refinished the hallway to blend in the floors.

The mess left in the living room, dining room:

Guest room floor:

During my cleaning, I finally broke down and turned on the Christmas Carols and with the snow, I started getting in the Christmas mood.

Monday I also broke down and had my first glass of eggnog.

I purposely have condensed Christmas this year down into a two week period. I thought I would enjoy it more this way. I’m still not promising to get our annual Christmas letter sent out prior to Christmas. Maybe Valentines Day?

PS: The guest room is still not ready for company… the cleaning project has now moved into the art room… That large closet in there, I hope, will hold some of the stuff I don’t want to put back under my bed.

I did come upon some fun discoveries…. More to come on this….


  1. Condensed Christmas to 2 weeks? Judy-judy-judy, how sad!

  2. A shorter Christmas feels right to me this year. Less stress and more reflection.

  3. Love your floors Judy! How fun! Kelley