Monday, December 20, 2010

More old pictures

12-20-10 discovery brain
More old pictures which were found in the box in the hall closet during my cleaning adventure last weekend:

Summer 1972 I believe. Mom, Jan and I were taking off on a trip to Chicago with Vivian, Melinda and JJ.

Jan and I in our cheerleader outfits. She is in 9th grade, I am in 8th grade.

I'm guessing 1981.... Mom, Dad and I visit Jan and Hunt in Florida over Christmas. Jan and Hunt were in one room apartment. The girls got the bed, and Dad and Hunt were in the living room. Hunt moved into the bedroom floor when Dad kept him awake with his snoring. (now Hunt has the snoring problem)

My high school graduation 1974 with my Grandpa. This Grandpa H. was a farmer in Charles City and paid for my college.

Me with my other Grandpa and Grandma S. in Oregon, I'm guessing 1980.... by my hair.
Gee, my hair was kind of cool.... and I didn't even realize it at the time. I think I was using electric rollers at the time.

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  1. Re: Cheerleader pic: Look at that tiny little oak tree! Holy cow! 40 years does make a difference!