Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reckless spending?

12-2-10 caution: ranting brain
Gee….. all this talk about the Federal Deficit and ideas to cut the deficit caused me to reflect back on 1992 and I went to my bookshelf and found this book by Ross Perot. Perot wrote this book to explain his “business” ideas on how to address the large deficit we had in 1992, as Clinton and Bush Sr. and Perot (as 3rd party) were campaigning for President.

I supported Perot in 1992 and I love his graphs and charts he used to explain where our money was going.

Graphs on page 7 showing increase in deficit from 1970 to 1992.

He gave some great ideas which could work today. He even stated stop subsidizing the rich”…. He was for raising the tax rate on the wealthy from 31 to 33… and up to 35 percent, if needed. (Gee a successful , wealthy business man believed in raising taxes… imagine that!... oh those were the good old days of the 90's!) Of course he was for “controlling entitlement costs” also. Perot also was for increasing tobacco and gas taxes. He also wanted to reform education and create jobs, bring back “Made in America”.

Perot even addressed Heath Care back in 1992 writing about the need for health care reform… “We spend more than anybody else in the world on health care. We have 37 million people who aren’t covered at all. We rank 15th in life expectancy and 22nd in infant mortality. We’re paying top dollar for a front-row box seat, and we’re not even getting a bad show from the bleachers …. Our companies are forced to divert money from jobs, higher wages, and research and development because of sky-rocketing health and insurance costs”.

Gee, I kind of wish Perot would again enter Presidential Race in 2012…. At least he had ideas… and it wasn’t all about “cutting taxes” …. Or “taking our country back”.

It amazes me now to think that our 4 trillion dollar deficit in 1992 was turned around with the leadership of President Clinton and Newt Gingrich in congress.

How come today it doesn’t seem like this similar mix of Democratic President and Republican Congress will be able to do the same?

Won’t we ALL need to make some sacrifices…. Aren’t we all willing to do this?

Why won’t we insist that the wealthy top 1% step up and sacrifice too….. and just let the $^#*&* Bush Tax Cuts expire? I believe these tax cuts were part of the problem leading to the current deficit problems, along with some other bad circumstances and bad decisions in the 2000’s. (I guess this might be a plug for W. Bush’s new book…. Yah, come read all about it folks!)



  1. i love my Ross!!!! He was the only candidate that ever moved me enough to work the election office, I even edited the Overland Park version of his newsletter. Sad to say he spoiled me for all other politicians since!

    I have wondered many times where we would be now if he had won, I would bet we would not be at war.

  2. That's right Molly.... I do believe Kansas was a big Perot state.