Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day in infamy!

12-7-10 reminiscing brain

December 7th, sure it's Pearl Harbor Day, but it is also an important anniversary for Greg and I. It has been 20 years, today, that we first were formally introduced to each other and we then had lunch together. This was at the VA Hospital in Des Moines.

("Isn't he the cutest thing")...said in the voice of Sally Brown

A year later, on December 7th, we were engaged.

I love reminiscing about this time. I remember the laughter we shared, the love of music we had in common, and the instant connection and chemistry we both felt. It still blows my mind to think someone could love me like Greg does…. And I love him.

These are some of our first pictures taken at that time in our lives.

Here is first trip we took the summer of 1991 to meet his parents and brother... Our first car trip out east together…. Traveling is always a good test for a blossoming relationship… we passed with flying colors.

Look! We both had skinny legs back then... Greg still does!

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