Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekend part II

12-15-10 singing brain
Sunday was a fun day. At church we had special music with special choirs created for this. I enjoyed it so much at the first service that I stayed for second service as well.

Then I had the job of shoveling the snow in my drive-way. Early afternoon, the sun was out bright, but it was cold. Luckily we had only gotten 3 to 3.5 inches….. so parts of the drive way were blown clean, other parts had a 12 inch drift.

After shoveling, I actually let myself take a nap…. Then a few more hours of cleaning up the living room and dinning room. In the evening I went over to church again for pizza and the annual trip to the neighborhood nursing home for caroling. We had a good turn out this year, in spite of the cold..

Here is a short video of some Christmas music at Westminster. Thanks Ann for helping me post this.

Westminster Christmas Music from Ann Anhalt on Vimeo.

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