Thursday, December 23, 2010

Golden birthday

12-23-10 birthday brain
Sarah is celebrating her "golden birthday" today and I hope we all make it up to northern Iowa in time to celebrate with her today. A GOLDEN birthday, I have been told, is when you are the age of the day you were born. Thus Sarah turns 23 today.

Here is Sarah and I around her first birthday....I think she was born pouting.... she works it to her advantage. Growing up she would pout until she got her way.

Sarah should be happy this birthday.... she got her wish... a bull dog puppy, thanks to her father.... lord help my sister!.... OK, I agree the puppy is cute at this stage.

Recent picture of Christopher, Sarah and Hunt:

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  1. She's a beautiful young woman and was a really cute baby. I guess I had my "golden" birthday when I was 12 and didn't even know it! :)