Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Staying current

12-22-10 slow brain
Friday evening, Greg tried to drag a dinosaur, (me)...into the future... or at least he is trying to help me keep current. We visited the AT&T store. He wanted an iphone for Christmas. I wasn't interested... but Santa bought me one anyway.

OK, I'm starting to get use to it, AND I am starting to enjoy it somewhat. Here I'm taking a picture of myself with my iphone, then I figured out how to email it to myself.

Just when I was thinking I needed to spend LESS time on the Internet... this tool makes it easier to stay connected. But I still feel the urge to resist. I'm ready to step off this 24/7 life, and rediscovery some peace.


  1. So now I can just email you and forget the texting!?!

  2. I'm connected to my aol email and FB.

  3. How did we ever get along without constantly being in touch? :P Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to get my kids raised without benefit of internet, cell phones, now texting. I like texting much better than actually talking on the phone. It's so much easier to say what you need to say without having an hour-long conversation.

    I'm on Verizon and they don't yet have iPhones, but promise they're coming. I'm getting one as soon as they do, so I can play Lexulous with my friend on FB. And for some reason, the phone I have now won't let me upload pictures directly to FB. I love gadgets!