Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guest Halloween Blog

10-26-11 spooked brain
After spending time with Ann over these last 6 years, it is revealing to learn more and more about her challenging childhood. I'm so glad she can enjoy life now, in ways she was not able to in her younger days. We both do enjoy dressing up and acting silly! ~Judy

Happy Halloween

Oh my … Halloween time again or as I call it “merchant’s holiday”. Halloween comes with mixed feelings for me. See we did not celebrate Halloween in Trinidad so on our first trick or treat in ’68, I’m sure I was puzzled on what to do. Other than knocking on doors for candy, our costumes consisted of mask only or paper bags decorated. If my memory serves me correctly, I only tricked or treated for five years. Darn, no pictures of me as a young trickster.

Fast forward 40 plus years, Dad mentioned something to me in 2008 that I will remember for a longtime. He told me one time with brother Glen, they stopped at a store and he wanted a pumpkin. Dad did not have any money for a pumpkin and he felt guilty all these years. So when we went to Washington in 2008, he specifically bought a pumpkin for Glen. I know that cleared him of his guilt. Whew, misty right now. Here’s a pumpkin for my brother from Dad and me!

On the bright side, I attended my first Zombie Walk and boy was it a hoot. To think, 1000 people got made up in the middle of a Saturday to walk a mile. Well I can say, it was well worth it. Here are a few pics of the Zombie Walk. Next year, I’m walking. As I’m writing this, thinking of Jan’s daughter Sarah and her work as a makeup artist. Wow, Sarah and Judy in the art business.

Brush your teeth after eating all the sweet treats.

Chat Later
Ann Marie

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