Monday, October 31, 2011

My life isn't complete with out my ART!

10-31-11 artistic brain
Last week I didn't take the time to blog much, sorry.... there are just so many hours in the day- and I need my beauty sleep, unlike some people I know. My excuse was that I was working on several ART projects- one being, getting a good start on my entry in the Winter Fine Arts Show at church (Westminster Presbyterian here in Des Moines). The project is due January 1st.

Well there is much to do in December, just to keep up with all the Christmas preparations, so I knew I needed to get started on the art project as soon as possible. I'm excited to do this large piece: 3 by 4 foot, since I've had the idea in my brain for a few years..... now it is coming together.

Here are some pictures to show my steps to far. Later I will tell you what it is all about- if it comes together as I am hoping it will.

I've been cutting "pixels" (one inch squares of paper I've painted) for several months now.
I hope I have enough to fill the canvas!

This will be an abstract piece- I hope will look a bit like a sunrise. (Not a rainbow)
Although the idea of a rainbow could work too.
I'll have to see how this creativity evolves!

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  1. Being the non-art type, I LOVE hearing about your projects and creations. Your creativity inspires me in many areas, even when I can't draw or paint.