Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend report

10-17-11 worn out brain (and body)

Greg and I had a busy and productive weekend down at the KC house. Last weekend we dug hosta plants from the DM house, and so we had to plant these this weekend at the KC house.

Greg dug about 20 holes along the front bushes. Our landscape design for the front will be evolving over the next few years. I believe at some point these "too high" bushes will be gone and we will have filled in with other plants.

I also did some bush trimming, and Greg finished painting the shutters. It was nice having good weather the last few weekends to get some of this house work taken care of before the snow flies.

Ann should have been down here this weekend- there was a great garage sale in the neighborhood and I scored a draft's man type of table I can use for my art (48 x 36 inch size). Greg looked up the original price which was close to $200 and I paid only $13. This will be perfect for me to set up for my next BIG art project for Westminster which is due Jan 1st. I need to get moving on this soon.

The neighbor across the street, who is a renter, is also moving and thus he put out a lot of good stuff by the curb for "free". Greg took some good lawn chairs and a hose.

Sunday was a more relaxing day: we had lunch with Molly and then I did some shopping errands while Greg watched football. Good news Dad, I now have a new printer, so I can create your Xmas letter. Please get working on that for me so I can print and have to you by Thanksgiving!

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