Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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10-19-11 slow brain
The temperatures have finally dropped to normal autumn weather (low 30's this morning), which means my blood is thickening up and I'm moving slow this week. However, Ann is as busy as ever and keeping me informed while I am at the southern "estate". ~Judy

Occupation ….. GO FOR IT!
For those supporting the occupation movement, I say “Go For It”. You have the right to protest and if you follow the law/ordinances, I see no problem. That’s something Judy and I can agree on and for the most part, I think we can all agree on. If the “Occupiers” can translate their passion to reforming the political system, I’ll be the first one to cheer them on.

I made a point to walk by the Capitol last week and was impressed with the protesters. They appeared committed to their cause and I’ll give them credit for that. So what if they got off to a bad start (no permit for overnight campout) and a few got arrested. On day two, they got smart and got their permit = no one got arrested. Then the permit was not renewed on Friday and walla … the mayor granted them “occupation rights” to a park up the street (14th and Grand). This is a win-win for both the City and the Occupiers. Here’s a pic of the park with at least 20 tents on a wet, cold and gloom Monday.

Here’s where the saying “one bad apple ruins the barrel” …. While I was taking in the festivities of the Food Prize at the Capitol last week, one lone protester thought it was his right to come up to the area where “heads of states” and onlookers were waiting for the guests to arrive. The protester started shouting, holding up his sign only to be booted away by a state trooper. While he had a right to be there, he did not have the right to protest in that spot but really, protesting in the middle of a dignified ceremony, that’s where the movement lost my respect. Note to management, if you want to be taken seriously, fire those who discredit your cause.

On a brighter note, I felt compelled to reclaim my kitchen last week. See, my junk was occupying it and if only for a few days, I’ve claimed victory!  

Lastly, while I dream being part of the 1%, I’m proud of being part of the 53% of those paying taxes.

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