Friday, October 7, 2011

September Vacation Ends, GEE- it's October already!

10-7-11 sister 's birthday..... happy brain

After 5 days with the Beachy family out east, Greg and I started the trip back home on Thursday last week...... BUT the fun was not over, since we had plans to visit friends in Columbus OH.

We had dinner with Pastor Amy and Julia Thursday night, which meant we would have to drive 11 to 12 hours on Friday….. but that was the price to pay to have an enjoyable fun evening catching up with old friends.

Julia introduced us to a fun card/board game called “Apples to Apples”. I can recommend this for everyone, probably age 7 and up, since it is educational as well as fun, and a good way for kids to learn the meaning of words. AND it is fun for adults as well.

Since we had time to spare on Thursday, we took the long way from Pennsylvania to Columbus and explored an area of Ohio which I had never been, but heard about from fellow blogger Susan. Hocking Hills was this very cool place just SE of Columbus.

We took the time to do some hiking and saw some incredible rock formations.


This one area called “Rock House” was so cool…. Kind of like caves in the rocks, but with several opening. People over the years have carved their names in the soft rocks. We found several names from the 1880's and 1890's like this one.

We finally made it back to the KC house Friday evening and Clover was very happy to see us.

Saturday night we had a fun evening eating dinner down on the Plaza with neighbors Kim and Terry. Kim was Clover's loving baby-sitter while we were away. Sunday, as Greg watched football, I played tennis with Molly late morning, then headed home to Des Moines for the work week.

Boy the weather here in the midwest has been awesome, warm and sunny. Des Moines currently is very, very dry which hasn't help allergies.... but the trees are changing colors with great beauty this year.

October is a special month for me, my sister's birthday, my birthday later in the month, along with Halloween and this coming week will be Greg and my 19th wedding anniversary. Thanks Mom and Dad for the card and money for a special dinner "out on the town"  for us this weekend.

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  1. Oh my gosh Judy - gorgeous! I would have loved that hike! What fun. Kelley