Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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10-5-11 listening brain
Ann has some random thoughts today.... she's been busy as usual doing this and that! ~judy

Random Thoughts

Goodbye Summer, hello Fall. I’ve got some random thoughts that I’m putting on paper:

I’ll miss my weekly outing to Des Moines for breakfast and my walkabout at the Farmers’ Market. Of the 20 markets thus far, I’m sure I got to at least 15. I ran out of time last weekend. Why grow a vegetable garden when you can get all you need and more at the market? Not to mention, seeing my favorite singer, Bonnie Finken at the market.

I’ll miss bargain shopping at garage sales. I love looking but I’m getting good at picking up an item then putting it back down. Last weekend, my finds included a “to go” blanket, Train CD (drops of Jupiter), a cool cookbook “recipes from B & B’s across the USA, several DVD’s including “De-Lovely” the music of Cole Porter, bin full of mason jars and a very cool purse for two bucks.

What is it with men and their machines? I was hooked on watching the big equipment in action over the last two months while they worked on the massive “Ravine Project” out back. The work clearing the trees, grading, installing steel grates, filling in huge rocks and making part of your property a natural “prairie” walkout was amazing. I can’t wait to see the beauty of the foliage as it grows in next year. Yes, our tax dollars at work.

Why is everybody down on Gov Rick Perry and what happened to Michele Bachmann? If you’re a democrat, you should be jumping for joy. That is, unless you don’t think the president will not get re-elected. The next three months, we will be seeing the candidates all over Iowa. And once again, Iowa voters may just pick the next POTUS (president of the united states).

Government, why are you messing with my light bulb? The infamous “light bulb law” going into effective in Jan. ’12. My gut reaction, really ……….. government regulating health care, how much and what I can eat, the capacity of a toilet, now what kind of light bulb to use? I understand this is good thing, but outlawing the light bulb as we know it, well that draws the line. Lastly, two things we can all count on. death and taxes. Time again for property taxes and of course, Dad. It’ll be six months on October 6th. Thanks everyone for cheering me on with my posts. Oh well, happy Fall everyone. Enjoy it!

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