Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend report

10-24-11 blogging brain
Fortunately, Greg and I discovered before we were married that our tastes, our likes and dislikes, lined up most of the time. However, when we got married and finally lived together, we discovered one area of tension- our weekend schedule. Greg liked to sleep in on Saturday and have the day to relax- by Sunday afternoon then he was ready to do the house chores. I however, wanted to get our house work done and out of the way on Saturday, then have all day Sunday to relax and play.

So rather than choose a “his” or “her” way, we found a 3rd way- we decided to hire a cleaning gal. My point in telling this story is that often there are more than black and white answers to life’s challenges. Look for a 3rd option.

This last weekend, it turned out that we did managed a “her” schedule. Saturday we got our work done and Saturday evening we played. Sunday, of course I relaxed on my 3 hour drive back to Des Moines and Greg relaxed while watching his football team.

The fun evening started down at the Plaza with the Water Fire show. I met up with William Shakespeare……

……then we headed over to the KC Mini Cooper Dealer’s big Halloween Party. This was our first time attending, but I believe this event has been around for a number of years- and growing- as more and more people now own Mini Coopers.

There was a contest for best Mini costume. Here are a few of my favorites. The “Gaga” car won this year.

Besides free food and drink, there was entertainment consisting of some aerialist and some amazing dancers (B-boys, I think you would call them). We meet up of several KC Mini Club members which we know and had fun.

The next week in DM will be a Mini Halloween Party; however I don’t believe the event will be on the same level as the KC dealer. I do plan to dress up this time around.

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