Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catching up from time away

10-3-11 Sunday night brain

Much to write about, but not feeling in the mood too much. I’m watching Prohibition tonight …. You gotta love Ken Berns on Public TV. This is an interesting topic for him to tackle, and a topic I don’t know much about. The larger question is can we make laws to dictate how people live their lives? Inebriation was a big problem….. and some Christians got a bit “preachy” with their temperance…. This is fascinating.

Back to my life: over the last week, I’ve spent about 3000 miles in the car…. A vacation to visit Beachy family in Ohio and PA….. and special time with our 5 year old nephew, Brennan.

Last Sunday I spent the day with Brennan, Greg’s mom and Greg’s aunt at the Akron Zoo, while Greg and his brother went to the Browns football game. Bren is a good kid, but it took us three women to keep up with his energy.

Greg and Tim

Greg's Aunt and Uncle

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