Friday, September 30, 2011

Duo Celebrations

9-30-11 reminiscing brain
Not a God-daughter, but an important girl none the less. Elizabeth age one in 1991. This "Top Cat" sweatshirt is the first thing Greg ever bought me, in 1991 was we were dating.....funny to think now that this cat looks like our Clover cat!

Not sure- but think this is 1992.

Just found these in my picture closet.... which is totally unorganized, but once in awhile something pops out at me when I'm looking for something else. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth who's birthday falls on her parent's Wedding Anniversary, one year later. How cool is that.... making September 30th a very, very special day.

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  1. awwww, she's a little cutie.

    if these are from '91, she's 21 by now! we want to see "then and now".