Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun Memories

9-22-11 reminiscing brain
I'll answer Ann back..... What is a special Birthday memory for me?

Well, they do tend to run together, but I guess my birthday age 11  (I think) ??..... I was in love with the TV show "the Monkees" and my birthday present that year was a unicycle, since the Monkees rode unicycles.

I collected all their albums for those few years in the late 60's and had them displayed in my room.

Here is me learning to ride my unicycle by using the walls of the hallway. I know I put black marks on the wall, and Dad had to repaint. This was in our old house on 8th street.

I was still pre-puberty then and not in my ugly-duckling phase yet. (6, 7, 8th grade) I did master the unicycle and even rode it in parade when I was 12.

Also this outfit I"m wearing was new and very groovy.. it was yellow and orange.


  1. I loved the Monkeys! My favorite Saturday morning show. Besides H.R. Puffnstuff! LOL.

  2. Yes, I still have my unicyle, it is out in the garage and is in need of some repair.... I just don't have the heart to throw it away. It was probably made in America back in those days.

  3. do you remember Mickey Dolenz as "Circus Boy"? You're probably too young but...he was a cute little boy. I loved wearing yellow & orange too. I think it was 8th grade.

  4. I never have seen Circus Boy, but had read that Mickey was a formor child star. Boy was I Monkee crazy!