Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Report

9-10-11 worn out brain
I have things to write about, but not much energy at this point. Sunday afternoon, after encouragement from friends Ann and Roy, whom Greg and I had dinner with Saturday evening, I headed to the basement in hopes of working for 2 hours to finally start to put things back in order after the sump pump work in April. I decided to start with the laundry room. I believe Ann and Roy are tired of hearing me always talk about my messy basement when we see them every few months or so…. So they said just start and do what you can in a few hours.

Well, once I did get started, after having lunch with Vivian and Clyde after church, I actually worked for 4 hours and thus I’m exhausted….. but I did make great progress in the laundry area. I now have a place to hang, fold and iron. There was this layer of fine dust everyone due to the sump pump work- a blessing and curse all in one.

The real fun of the weekend was on Saturday at the Beaverdale Fall Festival. Greg and I joined friends Friday night to listened to a few bands…. It was chilly, but dry. Now Saturday morning for the parade, we did get a sprinkle half hour before the parade, but it wasn’t bad at all….. just cloudy and a bit chilly… I was prepared with many layers of clothes on.

This year my church did Theme of “All under God’s Umbrella”….. so we had an umbrella brigade, and we did a “march” type of routine along the way. It was fun. Greg took these pictures.

PS: tonight I’m hosting a Dancing with the Stars “party” for those of us who get a laugh out of this show. It’s that time of year when the new TV season is kicking off. It will be interesting to see who I decide to cheer for this year.

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