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9-14-11 vacant brain
Ann continues with the story and pictures of her summer "road trip" vacation. Tomorrow I'll tell you about how Ann and I made 9-10 memorable. ~Judy

Family Pictures “Priceless”, New York to New Britain

Leaving NYC was just as nerve wracking as getting into the city and I was relieved that I drove out without hitting something or getting my car dinged up. As I drove along the Hudson River, I thought about the importance of this river over the years and of the “miracle on the Hudson”. This is an amazing photo.

Oh well, next stop, New Britain, CT to see my godfather/Dad’s brother, Uncle Mickey. Oh my, my family tree is a bit bent on Dad’s side and something he never talked about. Dad is the fourth of six children of George and Louisa Aloy Chee You. His three older siblings have passed on and he is survived by his brothers Mickey and Willie of Trinidad. His dad was born in Canton, China and was a shopkeeper. His mom was born in Trinidad and her family is from Venezuela. So on my Dad’s side, I’m Chinese and Spanish. Here’s a picture of an unknown relative and when I look at it, feel proud to be of Chinese heritage.

Throughout Dad’s life, he never talked about his parents, who died before I was born, or how he was raised. All I know is that it was not the best childhood and I’ll leave it at that. Over the years, I’ve kept in contact with Uncle Mickey, visiting him twice and he came to Iowa five years ago. I’m so glad he came as that was the last time Dad saw his brother (2006). Uncle Mickey is 77 years old and still works two part-time jobs, God love him (Dad worked until he was 77). Here’s a picture of Dad and Uncle Mickey in 2006.

I was able to get some history and when the time comes, I will put that to paper. I admire my Dad and Uncle Mickey for working hard and making the best of their lives. I hope I’ll be able to do that. Other than some history, I was able to get the only picture I have of my Dad as a young man. Shucks, no picture of him as a child! So here he is, age 25 in 1956 (before he met my mom). Dang he looks so skinny. I’ll cherish this picture for a very long time.

Here are two other pictures, parents and sister and my parents. How come I don’t remember my Dad looking like this?

This leg of the trip was successful, I got to share my Dad’s last days with Uncle Mickey, he got to pass a long some family information and pictures to me and I felt, well somewhat at peace.

Off to Toronto by way of Upstate New York. Wow, the drive was beautiful, all 500 miles. (1200 + 200 +500). Yikes, call me road warrior!

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