Monday, September 5, 2011

Manic Monday

9-5-11 holiday brain
Today, I woke with plenty of hyper energy. I’m not sure why unless it was the fact that I had two relaxing days up in my hometown hanging out with Mom and Dad, and the weather had cooled down 30 degrees. Greg also was able to relax and he was surprised that we didn’t have any thing on a “honey-do” list. So he slept a lot this weekend, probably due to being on so many allergy meds….. Labor Day is when the worst of his allergies hit him hard.

Here I made quiche for us all on Sunday after church.

I did manage to lie in bed for awhile this morning, but my brain started in over drive. I had visions of going down to the kitchen and cooking a big breakfast spread for Greg, just like Ann would do. Then I had visions of starting down in the basement painting project, just like Jean Ann would do. Then I had visions of playing tennis, just like Molly would do. But instead, when Greg left for KC about noon, I headed to my art room. Since it was such a beautiful day out, I moved my paints out into the back yard are garage and “labored” hard at playing with my art.

Here working on project for Westminster art show which will be in January.

I did this for two hours, then managed to force myself to lie in the hammock for 45 minutes, accompanied by the neighbor’s cat, Max.

Then it was off the Ace Hardware; got my car filled with gas; stopped over the Vivian and Clyde’s to deliver some honey from Charles City (they weren’t home)… then ran into Carolyn and visited for a few minutes; meet a new neighbor, Bubba, Chris and Paul’s new cat. By then it was time to pick up Sue at 5:00 for some tennis.

Molly would be proud of us, we managed to play for about 40 minutes and then we decided we needed to eat and ended up at a new restaurant over at Drake University, it’s called Haiku. This is my new favorite place! The BEST crab-rangoon ever!

We had to end the night off with one last trip to Snookie’s Ice Cream shop to celebrate the last day of summer. Boy, if September could be filled with days of this beautiful weather, we all would be so happy, after the hot summer we endured..... we would sure feel blessed.

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