Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Continued

9-13-11 Continued brain

FORGIVENESS…….is something I thought I was good at, and like “to preach” to others…. But I was wrong. Sunday morning as I watched TV and the Ground Zero remembrance, my sadness and memories of 9-11 returned and also my greatest frustrations returned….. my belief that our country totally missed the boat on honoring those who lost their lives on 9-11. In fact, I believe we took their names in vain when our leaders, at that time, took us into a false war on Iraq.

Our country’s knee jerk reaction was vengeance. Terror and hatred was just going to be mirrored back out into the world, and sadly, at a time with great hope and the opportunity to be embraced by the unity and love from each other, and from those around the world, we blew it.

I found myself once again being pissed off, and wondering what our country would be like today if the Iraq war, which bankrupted us morally and financially, had never happened. Some of you know of my opposition stance to all this back in 2002 and 2003 in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. This was the start of my walk with peace, and today I still believe I was correct in my predication of doom at this move to war….. but Sunday, I also have come to realize that these negative thoughts (towards Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld) have became a scar on my heart and I too was still in need of the Bible’s lessons on FORGIVENESS after all. This is one of my great challenges today!

Pastor Scott reminded me that FORGIVENESS is a process and he said:

“We can only be FREE when we are forgiving people

Since Jesus forgave the people who crucified him, ( Luke 23:34)..... Then it is clear that this is what is expected of me, and those to call themselves Christians.

PS: Greg flew out to Ohio this weekend to attend a Browns game with a friend from high school. They lost, but I know he had fun. I love it when he sends peace to me!

Bless your Face.... Peace Out!

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  1. And we ask how many times we have to forgive someone...but we should be asking how many times have we been forgiven and extend that grace to others. Its hard being a believer today in a world who is easily offended and clamors for political correctness. I have to quit worrying so much about offending others and keep speaking truth and offering forgiveness as much as I need it.