Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wrap up of Saturday

9-15-11 late brain
Today it was a cool morning here in Iowa- 41 degrees was the low at my house. It’s that time of year when you don’t know what to wear…… summer dress one day, jeans and hoodie the next day. Hard to believe that Ann and I were sweating on Saturday as we took a bike ride.

Since Greg was out of town for the weekend, I thought it was be a good time to finally make it downtown Des Moines for the Farmer’s Market. First Ann treated me to breakfast at the east side HyVee, her usual hang out on Saturday morning. I must admit I had a good omelet there. We then parked up by the Capitol and rode our bikes down hill to the Farmer’s Market. First we passed the 9-11 flag memorial set up on the side lawn.

Coming back we hung out for a bit in the East Village and then started the ride up the hill. Ann was only riding a no-gear bike she bought at a garage sale, where as I had my 24 speed bike, but rode in low gear so I wouldn't get too far ahead of her..... we were sweating a bit at this point, but it was a lovely day..... and we created a memorable trip. Ann was able to haul our bikes with her Dad's red Jeep which she inherited and loves driving now, I'm sure as a way to still feel close to him.

Later that afternoon was my neighborhood Potluck Party. We had a small group this year with only 10 out the 40 houses represented…. But we had some great food, and fun with those you came. Deb's pouring the wine.

Steve entertained us with his keyboard as usual and the kids had fun playing together. It was a perfect day weather wise, but we noticed it was dark by 8PM so we started clean up by 7:30.

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