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9-21-11 sharing brain
Thanks Ann for sharing those memories, I enjoyed your guest blog today!.~Judy
PS: I thought YOU were in the clown outfit! ?

Birthday Memories, You Have a Special One?

Last week while watching the Jackie Kennedy tapes with Diane Sawyer, I recalled the tape of Marilyn Monroe singing “happy birthday Mr. President” (May 19, 1962) and wondered if John and Jean can remember what they were doing that evening. Judy was probably in 2nd grade and me, well I was two and back on the island.

Most will remember their 16th, 18th, 21st then the ones ending in 0’s. At 16, I graduated from high school, got my license, started community college and did not have a car to drive. At 17, I flew the coop and joined the US Air Force shortly after my 17th birthday. My life really began on my 17th birthday.

At 21, I got remarried at St Mary’s Church in Waverly (we married a year earlier in Idaho) and started nursing school. Then I turned 25 and Robert was born. These years were a blur and I never stopped to have that “big party.” Maybe that’s why I decided to have one when I reached the big one, which I termed “39 + 11”. Here’s a few pictures of these milestones.

I always felt cheated with my birthday being so close to Christmas (November 29th), I vowed not to pass this on with my son’s December 22nd birthday, always wrapping his gifts in non-Christmas gift wrap, mostly the Sunday funnies. For his first birthday, I cringed when he ate his chocolate cookie monster cake, messy but very cute. When he turned three, I wanted to do something fun as this would be the first birthday he could or should remember. I hired two clowns to come to the house and as usual, the coldest day of the month. I hope I accomplished my mission. At five, I took him to see “Hoppy” at the Ingersoll Children’s theater.

Then there’s Dad’s birthday. Today, September 21st is Dad’s 80th birthday. I’ll go out on a limb here, Dad probably never had an “official” birthday party until he was 65. He moved to Iowa at 64 and when he turned 65, we went on our first road trip to St Louis to see the Redskins vs Rams. We celebrated his 65th birthday at Friday’s then went to the game (Redskins won!), which he thoroughly enjoyed as well as my father in-law. Here are some pictures of the day.

Last year we made a special trip to Toronto during his birthday week, his 79th, for a family funeral, where he insisted on going to. Looking back, he was able to say his goodbyes to most of his family. I especially remember Dad thanking a family friend for helping him back in Trinidad, he was so emotional when he saw him.

So for his 80th, I’m hoping we would of made a special road trip, maybe to see his granddaughter in Tennessee. He would of loved it! Dad would be looking forward to road trips, watching Nancy Grace on Dancing With The Stars, watching college and pro football games cover to cover and preparing for American Idol.

Oh well, on behalf of my brothers Tony, Glen and sister Charmaine, we’ll wish him a happy 80th birthday and remember him by lighting his memory candle.

Love you DAD and go Redskins!
Chat later!
That Girl, Ann Marie

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