Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In my world-

10-25-11 gratitude brain
In my world today- things are starting out warm, sunny and peaceful!

We planted this tree- well... maybe 10 years ago or so, and it has grown nicely. It is now the only "big" tree in our front yard. Each year I have noted that it is the most beautiful the last week in October. It is an "Autumn Blaze", rightly named maple.


  1. The single leaf says it all.

    I used to gather all the colors and mail to my folks in CA. My mother would swoon over the colors then make my dad put them in the ceiling panels that covered the lights so you could see them through frosted glass. It was quite pretty. Eventually they'd dry up and somebody would have to dust them out.

  2. Your leaf would make a pretty peace sign, upside down :)

  3. Cal Gal, I couldn't live without the Fall Colors! I sent this picture to friends in Alaska, and they too swooned over this sight.