Friday, October 8, 2010

Autumn sunshine

10-8-10 autumn brain

Weather report: Sunny with high near 80, lows in the 40s.
I must report that the weather over the last two weeks has been glorious, although sadly, I feel like I have not been able to really fully enjoy it, due to being sick and then being busy at work. I hope that all changes this weekend.

It’s that time of year again when a dozen or so Mini Coopers will be driving together through the Iowa country side…. Just for the fun of it. Last year was cloudy, cold with some rain…. This year sounds perfect and we will be exploring SE Iowa. I’ll be posting pictures on Monday.

Greg and I will also be celebrating our 18th Anniversary. It’s been 3 years already that we have been living this split in two life between Des Moines and Kansas City. WOW…. “time flies”!!

I had my astrological chart done once back in the mid 80's, by a friend of my sister's down in Florida. I was still single then in my early 30's.... what I remember the most from that assessment of "JUDY" was that there was a good chance that I would not marry, but if I did, it would be an "unconventional marriage"..... I guess according to "the stars"....Greg and I were meant to have this weird life together (he being 9 years younger than I for one thing.....and us now living in two cities. And we have always said, that we seem to be one of the happiest couples that we know... even with this current strange stage of life; together and apart or apart and together....

Happy Anniversary to my best friend, my partner, and my great love!

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  1. Happy anniversary!!

    My husband and I twice lived in two cities. Once for a year, he lived in one city in an apartment, and I lived in the family home. He was able to come home on weekends, however. The second time was while I sold our home in one city and he lived in another to start a job. It has it's ups and downs, but can be very workable if everyone is happy. And it sounds like you are your husband meet that criteria!