Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mini Cooper Fall Drive part II

10-12-10 motoring brain

From Fairfield our band of merry Minis headed to the Villages of VanBuren County: Bonaparte and Bentonsport… these small river towns were holding their fall Octoberfest celebrations.

Historic Bonaparte restaurant

Bonaparte house

At Bentonsport we stopped for photo-op with historic church.

Here was also this cool historic house close to the church

From there we headed to Keosauqua State Park were we happened upon a “Buck-skinners” event where we stopped to look around a bit. Here Daryl got out his tri-pod for us to take a group picture, and this one Buck-skinner guy let us touch is knives and guns. The real Buck-skinner is on the far right in this picture.

Then we headed NW into Wapello County for our big stop at the famous Gothic House as depicted in the Grant Wood painting… continued tomorrow


  1. At the Grant Wood House, did you meet the pie lady Judy? she's renting the house and she has quite an interesting story. I would love to meet her! Actually she reminds me of you somewhat. Happy travels!

  2. Yes, we learned of the pie lady (see tomorrow's blog).... no she was out of town so we didn't meet her.