Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Only one seed

10-5-10 amazed brain

Back in spring I planted one small gourd seed next to the shed out back at the KC house. Nothing seemed to be happening for the longest time. Finally, late summer a vine started to grow.

WOW was I surprise to see how it had taken over one corner of the backyard. I have spotted at least 8 gourds growing of various sizes. I am such an accidental gardener.

I can't wait till harvest time to see all what we have under these vines. I am wondering are these types of gourds good for anything beside making bird houses. Maybe painting these can be the next Girls Weekend art Project?


  1. I love your gourds :D. Could you save me some seeds from this year's bounty? I'd love to grow some of those for the grandkiddos to paint or whatever.

  2. Sure I'll save some seeds and share with all!