Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend update

10-4-10 pink brain

After being sick for a week, I am finally feeling back in the pink. Sunday I was able to take a short outing and I headed down to the KC Plaza area. There I did find one of the fountains turned pink for Breast Cancer Awareness in October.

This fountain is very close to our former apartment on the Plaza, and one of my favorite to sit by in the park, although Sunday, I think the fountain looked like it was menstruating.

I picked some new make-up at the "Origins" store while enjoying a stroll along the sunny Plaza streets.... as I did a little window shopping. I also did some bargain shopping at the "Half-Price Bookstore" down at Westport area. I spent $30 and got three music CD's and three books.

Greg has been out in Ohio again this weekend at another Cleveland Browns football game, while Clover and I are hanging out together. We even managed to stay awake to watch the entire Saturday Night Live, and I took in some Village Presbyterian Church Sunday morning.

Now Monday, back to 8 hours of work I think.... and back to Des Moines soon, hoping to find the repair work on the DM house complete....? Crossing my fingers.

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