Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend update: Mini part I

10-11-10 road-trip brain

Saturday was a fun day exploring south central Iowa with 18 other Mini Cooper owners. I’ve come to realize the average Mini Cooper owner is NOT average/normal at all…. Just a little on the eccentric, yet charming side of weird.

(Take ME for instance.... then multiply by 18 others)..My hat is a tradition from several years ago from our Mini trip to the Danish Villages out in western Iowa)

Just to name a few other interesting people… Dave and Ladonna (Dave is British); Daryl, Roger #1; Gary and Penny; Chris and Roger #2;… and some from Easter Iowa that were new to me. Oh and yes, this year a KC couple joined us, Kay and Tillie. Our group was smaller this year than last year, only 11 Mini’s…. but with the perfect weather, and FUN stops along the way, this will be a year to remember!

Dave and Ladonna with matching Mini shirts.

Gary and Penny with matching shirts which matches their Mini Cooper yellow car.

Six Mini's from Des Moines meet up for breakfast, then drove together to our starting point this year in Fairfield where we meet with 5 other cars.

Sunny skys.... very warm temperatures!

More pictures to be posted all week! The Iowa country side was beautiful this time of year....

Hey! .... Who's steering this thing? PS: We rode in Greg's red Mini this year. Mine had to stay home in the garage.

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