Friday, October 1, 2010

The color of October is PINK

10-1-10 thinking-pink brain

The last week in September, thanks to my cold/flu, just seemed to slip through my fingers and now here it is October. Usually October is one of my favorite months since it holds our wedding anniversary, my birthday and several others family and friends birthdays, and Halloween…. And it is also breast cancer awareness month.

I’ve read in the paper that once again this October some of the public fountains in KC will have the water turned pink. Special type of dye I guess. If I happen to see a pink fountain, I’ll be sure to post a picture.

This weekend, my friend Carolyn will be traveling to Denver where she is meeting up with several others of her old friends from around the country and they all will participate in the Breast Walk, several of them are breast cancer survivors.

Carolyn had these cute brown and pink T-shirts made up for her team walkers and she gave me one too. (Sorry this picture turned out not so good.... I'm still not 100%)

I will be wearing this T-shirt tomorrow and I will be thinking of Carolyn. She is now a five year survivor and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.

Safe travels to you Peace Sister- Carolyn!


  1. Seven years ago September, we lost three friends in five days to cancer. Worst year I can remember. The research is ongoing and the ability to stabilize cancers that used to be an automatic death sentence has improved dramatically thanks to the many cancer awareness events.

  2. How do I get one of those shirts Judy? I love it!Kelley