Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday monkey business

10-21-10 busy brain
I took Monday afternoon off to hang out with my sister, and rather than try to make more progress in cleaning the basement or art room, we headed off to start our Christmas shopping!

Then Monday night I had a speaking engagement. Neighbor Carolyn had asked me to speak at her PEO Women's group in October and talk about cancer, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

This was an pretty easy request to full fill, since basically I just spoke about my job at the State Cancer Registry for about 15 to 20 minutes. Carolyn sent me these pictures afterwards.

Carolyn then served some delicious cake to the women.

Afterwards I headed home to watch Dancing with the Stars and ate pizza with my sister Jan... friends Ann and Sue had come over also and we had fun laughing and critiquing the dancing… AND critiquing the judges. Ann felt Len was being too much of a H_ _ D A_ _

We were not totally sold on the monkey suit dance either.... Ann accused me of just being prejudice of the Palins. (?)


  1. What's your take on DWTS this season? I find it tedious and I've liked it a long time. I thought last season was tedious too and my husband thinks the whole thiing is rigged to play out drama that doesn't exist. Anyway, unless they get more interesting performers, I think this is it for me.

  2. Cal Gal, I think you are correct... the show does get tedious, AND agree they create story lines and play up drama for sure. That is why the best way to watch the show is in a group... It's the commetary from my girlfriends which makes watching fun. But Kirk Warner from Iowa... is looking pretty cute don't you think?! Kirk is an friend of my old neighbor, so I'm pulling for him. I also love Derek Hough, he gets the best dancers it seems.