Monday, October 25, 2010

Details of an October week

10-25-10 accomplished brain
A cup of hot chi, a big sigh, and a smile……. That’s how I ended this last week, which felt very productive:

I cleaned my office due to the fact I had misplaced my camera. The camera ended up being in the back seat of the car…. It had fallen out of my purse.

I cleaned my bedroom, which meant finally putting away two baskets of clean laundry and changing the sheets on the bed.

I updated training materials for work which I will need in November when I give my next training.

I mowed the lawn, which took care of some leaves which had fallen…. Still many leaves left on the trees.

I went for 1 hour and 15 minute walk with neighbor friend Sue one evening after work… it was mild and beautiful… and I saw the full moon rise in the eastern sky.

I renewed my driver’s license, AND got my updated insurance cards put in both cars. Usually they float around in several piles of papers for months before they get rediscovered.

I got my hair cut…. This was weeks over due.

I avoided picking up the phone whenever I saw a caller ID I did not recognize. I easily avoided 5 political calls per day. Oh ya, this week I also voted absentee, so no need to waste your phone calls on me.

AND I seem to have gotten my energy back this last week, probably in part to a wonderful acupuncture treatment I had last Tuesday.

Weekend update tomorrow……

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