Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend update

10-26-10 family brain
Greg and I headed to northern Iowa this weekend to visit my parents... my sister Jan has been visiting also. We did some chores to help get them ready for winter, and to celebrate my birthday (a week early)....

Saturday night Greg was in charge of grilling steaks, I steamed the broccoli, Mom made the orange salad and Jan served and was on clean up duty. Neighbor Bunny also came over for dinner. Oh ya, Dad decorated the cake..... OK... just kidding, but he "paid for dinner".

Here is me with a ceramic "peace vase" painted and given to me by my Jan and Sarah. Pretty cool... now which house do I put this in?

Saturday afternoon we all watched the Iowa Hawk football game. Dad was swearing, Jan was yelling.... "See why I avoid watching TV sports with my family all these years?"... I commented to Greg. The Hawks lost by ONE point... Exciting game, but with a disappointing ending.

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