Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend update

10-20-10 joyful brain
Sunday was a wonderful day in many ways. At church we welcomed and elected a new head pastor. There was so much joy and celebration as we started a new adventure of growing our faith and building our church mission with our new pastor Dr. Scott Paczkowski and his family. I am glad that I drove back to DM Saturday evening so I could attend.

Sunday afternoon, my friend Ann got me out into a corn field. Ann has an BIG birthday coming up in November and she has created a type of “bucket list” of things to do before December 1st. One of those “things” on her list was to visit a Corn Maze.

This time of year, there are many farms in the area which host fun events like this, sell pumpkins and have hay rack rides. We visited the Geisler Farm just east of Ankeny for the corn maze. I had also never been in a corn maze before, so I was glad to also have a new experience.

The maze was more than just walking around inside a corn field. We were given a map and various places in the maze where numbered pole stations with a paper punch attached. The goal was to walk the maze and try to find every station to get your map punched. Since I’m a great map reader, thanks to my Dad, and the fact that I am a visual person, I took the lead and we were able to complete the maze in 36 minutes…. And that was without “rushing”. I wanted to race through the maze, but Ann said we were not trying out for the TV show “the Amazing Race”.

Next year we decided we wanted to do this corn maze in the dark, since they had evening hours on Saturday until 8:00PM. We'd have flashlights of course.

Sunday early evening my sister arrived in Des Moines for the start of her Iowa visit. To be continued.....

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